banking advice

The extensive experience of the ASESORES BANCARIOS CORUÑESES team in the sector of credit institutions allows us to accompany you in all your banking relationships.

We can help you in:

  • trading of your asset transactions; loans, credits, remittances, discount, etc…
  • choice of means of collection and payment
  • cash flow analysis, liquidity availability, payment terms, etc…
  • … and everything linked to your banking relationships.

We always provide our professional opinion to facilitate decision-making.


    Every project has financing needs and at some point these must be covered by resorting to credit institutions.

    We accompany you in the recruitment by preparing the necessary information, proposing the type of operation advisable and negotiating the signing of contracts with advantageous conditions.


    It is important to define both the means of collection and payment and the choice of these depends on different variables according to the type of business.

    Security, speed, commercial reasons among others are aspects to take into account that help to achieve success.


    The availability of liquidity is a pillar in the development of any project.

    For this, it is essential to have adjusted payments and expected income in order to know in advance the liquidity forecasts that allow investments, purchases or other initiatives to be undertaken safely.

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