Intermediation in business opportunities requires a high dose of trust, both on the part of the buyer and the seller.

From the team of ASESORES BANCARIOS CORUÑESES, we promote the trust of the parties involved in all negotiations by providing:

  • Transparency. Facilitating all the information necessary for decision-making.
  • Seriousness Complying with the meeting schedule, providing reliable information and following up on the agreements reached.
  • Confidentiality. Compliance with Data Protection Laws and keeping the information in the exclusive scope of the negotiation.

    From ASESORES BANCARIOS CORUÑESES, we make sure that when it comes to making a decision on the part of the participants, they have all the necessary relevant information.

    We help the parties in their compilation, verification and, if necessary, their analysis by third parties.


    Clarification and concretization of key points of the negotiation.

    Establishing an agenda and calendar of meetings by following up on the agreements reached and collaborating between the parties for their good end.

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